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Hello everyone! If you were wondering why I have been a little MIA the past weeks, it’s because I had exams to study for and reports to write. My plan was to schedule a few posts so it wouldn’t stay completely quiet on here for this long, but I couldn’t finish up any nice blog posts in time. Today, I’m just going to ramble about school a bit, because there are some things I want to get off my chest.

Just to be clear, I’m in college and studying Social Studies. It’s a study I really like and I’m already excited for the courses next quarter. But sometimes, it just gets a little tiring. With a lot of courses it’s basically impossible not to talk about your own personal experience with things. Think of death, depression, issues, all those things. And at times, it just gets stressful to have to think about yourself and your past so much.

Whenever I get stressed I tend to close myself off from the outside world. I’ll stay inside all day unless I really have to go out for groceries or something like that, and I don’t feel like talking to anyone. I don’t even feel like getting out of bed, most of the time, haha. It eats at my motivation, too. It’s incredibly hard to bring myself to study at times.

Other than that, I really do enjoy this study so far. I started in September and already made a few amazing friends that I know I will keep in touch with throughout the four years that this study requires; even when we’re placed in different classes because we’re choosing different directions within the study. Today, I thought I’d simply share a bit about my school life. I’d love to hear about yours, too.



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