Review | Dr. Organic Vitamin E Super Hydrating Cream + Lip Balm

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A few months ago I decided to try out the Dr. Organic Vitamin E Cream, since I have very dry and dehydrated skin, especially during the winter months. I’ve known for a long time that Vitamin E is supposed to be the miracle to solve all dryness, and since my Nivea day cream for “dry to super dry skin” gave me ugly rashes and painful redness, I thought I’d give this organic brand a try.

Vitamin E Super Hydrating Cream – €10,49
Vitamin E Lip Balm – €4,99

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As you can read above, the cream promises to provide intense hydration and moisture, as well as to restore damaged and dry skin. I have only used the cream on my face to remedy the dry patches on my skin, so I can’t speak for stretch marks or scars, but holy moly I do love this cream! It keeps my skin soft and supple for the rest of the day when applied in the morning, and heals my dry patches overnight when applied right before bed. On a daily base, I only use it as a day cream but when in need of some extra moisture, I find that it serves as a great night cream as well.

A little goes a long way, as I have only just gone halfway through the pot after using it since November. It is a thick cream but it’s easy to work into the skin and distribute over the face. It contains lemon grass extract and has that subtle fragrance, but I didn’t find it bothering throughout the day. For example, it didn’t clash with my perfume and I didn’t smell it on myself all day. It is free of parabens and damaging chemicals, and it is not tested on animals (though I’m sure all Dr. Organic products meet the same requirements).

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At first, I wasn’t a big fan of the lip balm. It felt a little stiff when applying and I didn’t feel like my lips absorbed enough moisture out of it. I usually apply lip balm right before bed as well, and in the morning I would often notice a still-greasy layer laying on my lips. But after playing around with it a bit, I came to the conlusion that once again, a little goes a long way. This lip balm is most effective when it’s not layered onto the lips but instead has a thin layer than can completely absorb into the lips and heal then from dry patches and fine lines. I carry this one with my in my bag at all times, I have really grown to love it.

The balm protects the lips from harmful UVA and UVB rays and provides an SPF or 15, and just like the cream, is free of parabens and chemicals and is not tested on animals.

I would recommend these products to anyone who suffers from dry/dehydrated skin and dry, easily chapped lips. It has worked wonders from me and I think I will stick to it once I run out! Dr. Organic can be purchased online at for everyone else or bought in stores at De Tuinen in The Netherlands.



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  1. Sounds good! I swear by organic products as well. I’m eternally looking for the perfect day cream, as well as for lipbalm since I think my Burts Bees stopped working for me after many many years. Thanks for the review! 🙂

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