Review | Rimmel Match Perfection “010 Light Porcelain” + Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

rimmel + rt sponge

We all know the struggle of pale and fair-skinned people; finding the right shade of foundation (and being able to afford it). The lightest shade in a brand’s foundation range is often too dark, and the one called ‘porcelain’ often isn’t porcelain-y at all. Finally, I have found one that matches my skin — and my neck! — seamlessly, without having to splurge: Rimmel Match Perfection in the shade 010 Light Porcelain.

rimmel 1

The Rimmel foundation comes in a slim, glass bottle and contains 30 ml/1 fl oz of product. According to the package, it’s good for 18 months after opening. And the most important part: it comes with a pump! Lately I’ve seen that not just the expensive brands (looking at you, NARS and MAC) have decided to ignore the importance of a pump, but drugstore brands as well, so I was glad to find out I didn’t have to hunt down a fitting pump for it.

rimmel 2

rimmel 3-horz

Left: no foundation — Right: with one layer of foundation but a very obvious lack of a smile, haha!

As you can see, the foundation has a yellow undertone (hurray!) but is still quite pale, which is perfect for me. It covers up my redness quite well, although I had to build it up a bit. I’d say it has a medium coverage, because while it did manage to cover up the darkness under my eyes and the redness on my cheeks, it still shows through a bit. It did cover up my imperfections very well and my freckles as well, which isn’t per say what I need a foundation to do, but it will determine its coverage.

The foundation wears beautifully, but I did notice that throughout the day, it started to cling onto my dry patches. I have very dry skin, so on bad days, that’s quite a problem for me; I know I can’t wear this foundation when I’m going to be out in the cold and sharp winter air for a full day. However, on good days, I am very impressed by this foundation! It stays on well, but I wouldn’t say this isn’t one you don’t have to touch up if you’re going on a night out after a long day.

rt 1

Then, the Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques. I’ve been wanting to try this out for a long time since buffing brushes can cause micro-exfoliation on my skin, causing it to flake and get extremely dry while applying my foundation. It has a rounded side for covering up big areas, a flat side for getting around the nose and the eyes and a small tip to reach precision areas. Personally, I like this tip for under the eyes better than I do the flat side, since I also use it for blending in concealer. As of now, I’ve used it each time I applied foundation and washed it about three times. There are still no cracks or rips, so it’s holding up pretty well (following the guideline of washing it after every 3 uses). It applies my foundation better than brushes do, creating a nice coverage where I need it. It blends in the foundation just the way I want it to.

rt 2

When dampened, it’s still very nice and firm, but soft to the skin.

Rimmel Match Perfection 010 Light Porcelain is €9.51 & Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is €8.15, both over at

What is your favorite drugstore foundation? 



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