Review | MAC Faux lipstick

faux 2 Personally, I have never been that much into nude lipstick, or any kind of color too close to my own lip color — I’m not sure, I just didn’t see the appeal of it. However, when the 90’s nude lip decided to make a comeback, along with the big Kylie Jenner-hype, I started to reconsider. I decided to try out MAC’s Faux lipstick, a color that was sold out everywhere and at all times because of its sudden popularity, and I actually fell in love with it.


faux 3

Faux is, as described by MAC, a muted mauve-pink with a satin finish, which means that the lipstick will have a great amount of coverage and pigmentation without drying your lips out, but while still staying on for a long time. I have only ever used MAC lipsticks in either a matte or a retro matte finish, so this was a very nice change.

faux 5

The coverage of this lipstick is, as promised, amazing. The slight sheen to it doesn’t even bother me, because it’s very subtle, and after a while it starts to wear off a bit and you’re left with a nice, semi-matte finish on your lips. It survives a meal as long as you don’t drag your napkin across your lips after every bite or eat something extremely greasy, and I’ve noticed that it doesn’t stain on my glass while drinking either. The longetivity is about 4 to 5 hours.

faux 4

I think that this color works well with my pale skin. It doesn’t wash me out and it’s not too dark for me either, it’s a perfect in-between. When I wear it, you can still see that there’s something on my lips since it isn’t a complete match to the color of my lips, and I like that effect. It makes me look a bit more mature, a bit more serious but in a very good way.

I’m very happy with Faux and I’m glad that I’ve decided to purchase it anyway. It’s become my go-to lipstick that I grab each time I want something subtle on my lips, but still want to wear something. It moisturizes my forever-dry lips and still stays on for a great amount of time, which is what I love in a lipstick.

MAC Faux lipstick costs €19,- and is available at the official MAC Cosmetics website.



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