Review | Cien Lipstick 36 “Matt Rose” + “32 Red Roses”

cien lipstick

I like trying out unknown brands or remarkably cheap brands that I’ve seen around in supermarkets, drugstores or the so-called one-dollar shops, just to see if they’re worth anything — because who doesn’t like to find something so cheap but so good as well! Today I’m putting two Cien lipsticks to the test, that I found at Lidl.

cien lipstick 2

I’ve never heard of the brand Cien before, nor have I seen it around anywhere. When I was doing some grocery shopping, my eye suddenly fell on a small stand with makeup; bright colored nail polishes and various colors of lipstick. I picked up two lipsticks, a lighter one and a darker one, to see what the pay-off was going to be. The packaging is quite simple, black plastic with the brand name on it in white letters, and a small see-through part that shows the color inside. The pink one is called 36 Matt Rose, the red one carries the name 32 Red Roses.

cien lipstick swatch
32 Red Roses – 36 Matt Rose

Both colors looks quite glossy and sheer. They also don’t cover in just one swipe, because I had to go over the swatches a few times to get a more vivid color. As you can see, the pink one doesn’t look matte like the name promised, but we’ll see what they look like on the lips. Both lipsticks don’t have a strong smell, just this very typical lipstick-scent, if you know what I mean. No flowery or vanilla-ish scent to them, and it’s not overpowering as well (thankfully!).

cien lipstick 3

Uh oh.. This is what the lipsticks looked like after the swatches. It’s almost like they started to crumble? I hope this isn’t the case while applying them straight to the lips.

cien lipstick red cien lipstick red 2
32 Red Roses
 sadly isn’t my favorite. The color is beautiful, and it applies very smoothly, but because it’s so glossy and creamy it starts moving around a bit. After smacking your lips together, half of it has transferred to the other lip and it takes a bit of touching up before you get a nice and even coverage on the lips. It doesn’t take blotting very well either, as all the color comes off right away. Quite unforunate, since this is a very nice shade of red, and the glossiness to it makes it a very nice and wearable color.

cien lipstick rose cien lipstick rose 3
36 Matt Rose
has a much better pay-off. The color applies just as smoothly, but doesn’t transfer as much. It stays put when I blot it once, without losing the intensity of the color. I actually really like this one! It’s a very soft color so it’s very suitable for everyday wear. It won’t survive a full meal, but for the price I paid, I’m already happy that it survived a cup of coffee.

Both colors applied without crumbling like they did for the swatches, so I assume that was just the first ‘layer’ of lipstick coming off. I’m not too fond of Red Roses, but Matt Rose might just be one that I’ll grab for a quick wash of color on the lips, in the future. It stays on the lips far longer than Red Roses does, I’d say about 2 hours to not even fifteen minutes for the red one… Hmm. Of course, with such a cheap price, I didn’t expect a lot, but Matt Rose has actually pleasantly surprised me.

Both lipsticks are €1,99 and are available at Lidl.



3 gedachtes over “Review | Cien Lipstick 36 “Matt Rose” + “32 Red Roses”

  1. Ik heb ook een lipstick van Cien gekocht en geriviewd, maar bij mij zag het er na het swatchen nog zo goed als nieuw uit. Best vreemd eigenlijk. Kan het zijn dat ze net te lang in het zonlicht hebben gestaan en daardoor wak zijn geworden? Het is slechts een hypothese, maar mijn oog viel hier net op. 🙂


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